How to Create a High-Converting Registration Page

  1. Start with a title that tells the viewer what’s in it for them (you say you are doing a webinar for women/moms – but what is it about? what will they learn? if they have to scroll to get this information, they will leave the page)
  2. Restate your main points as results/benefits. Aria Craig will show you how to (1) Create the clarity and focus…
  3. Use a template with a registration button above the fold (in the top part of the page so they do not have to scroll down to get to the registration button). You want a second button toward the bottom of the page as well.
  4. Include a brief bio – since you want to reach people who don’t know you, you need to demonstrate your expertise.
  5. Include social proof if you have it (in other words, include any testimonials from anyone you have worked with before)

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